Oculofacial Plastic Surgery in Baltimore, MD

Dr. Darab Hormozi, MD, PA offers oculofacial plastic surgery and skin rejuvenation treatments to the residents of Baltimore, Towson, and the surrounding areas in Maryland. Additionally, Dr. Hormozi extends his expertise to residents of Washington, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Dr. Hormozi is a leading oculofacial surgeon who uses his experience and knowledge to enhance the lives of his patients through effective treatments for eyelids conditions, as well as personalized cosmetic surgery that helps fight the signs of aging. Working with an oculofacial surgeon means that you have a specialist on your side who not only understands the unique features of your face, but also the delicate areas around your eyes that are most affected by aging and sun damage.

Dr. Hormozi is proud to offer his patient’s membership to The H Club, an exclusive clinic that provides year-round non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures to help you stay looking young, prolong the benefits of your cosmetic procedures and delay future surgeries.

Facial Plastic Surgery

As we age, facial wrinkles, creases and sagging often develop. Dr. Hormozi’s state-of-the-art, facial plastic surgeries, can help you combat these issues and make you can look better than ever. Facial plastic surgery may be for reconstructive purposes, such as after an accident, cosmetic purposes or for medical reasons. Dr. Hormozi performs face, eyelid, and brow/forehead procedures with extremely natural results. Read more


Since its FDA approval, millions of people have been safely treated with Botox® Cosmetic. You may be surprised to know that Botox® is the only FDA-approved cosmetic treatment that temporarily reduces moderate to severe lines between the brows for individuals 18 to 65 years old. Read more 


A facelift (rhytidectomy) traditionally refers to the surgical removal of wrinkles. Thanks to advances in surgical cosmetic procedures, a facelift can address so much more. Dr. Hormozi’s mid-facelift, mini-facelift, modified s-lift and fat/stem cell facelift technique can lift and reposition sagging skin, eliminate fat, and tighten facial muscles. Dr. Hormozi performs all these procedures under strict local anesthesia virtually eliminating the risks involved with sedation or general anesthesia. All these procedures are performed in our fully certified outpatient surgery center eliminating the risks involved with hospital born infections. Read more

FREE private consultations are offered for new patients, so contact Dr. Hormozi to learn how he can help you!


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