I’m Darab Hormozi, oculofacial plastic surgeon at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. I’m at the debut of the New You Magazine to be launched for the first time through the academy. I’d like to talk to you about my practice and what I do. My initial training was ophthalmology, so the eyelid is my domain.
I know the eyelid. I know the complications. I know what can happen. So my goal is always to protect the eye more than anything else. And when I do a surgery, I respect the structure of the eyelid. I respect the beauty of the eyelid. I like everybody to look natural. I do not like the artificial look of being pulled or cat eye or a done eye as people call it. So my goal in surgery and when I treat my patient, even if it’s a non-surgical procedure, is always to give them the natural look, a look that nobody knows they had surgery. They just look good. Initially, I did my medical school in Europe.
As you might know, Europe is the old medicine. Respect of the patient is first. We take care of the patient and make a relationship with my patient. They become part of the family. From my staff to myself, we make an effort to know them. They know us. They know that they’re always taken care of as long as they’re under my care. And that has been a big plus in my practice. Feel free to call my office for a consultation which is free, and we can discuss what is the best route of action for you. What can I do and what can we do together to make you achieve the beauty that you’re looking for?

Dr. Darab Hormozi

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