I’m an oculofacial plastic surgeon, which is an ophthalmologist specially trained in the plastic surgery of the eyelid and face. Eyelids are the center of your face. Your eyes are the center of your face. So, people when they talk to you, they look at you. They look at your eyes. They look at how the eyelids are basically the combination. Do you look old? Do you look tired? A puffy lower lid is synonymous with a tired look. A baggy or droopy upper lid is synonymous with an old face. If your eyebrows are sagging down, it gives you an older look.

So, eyelid surgery is one of the most common, actually, surgeries done in the United States and in the world for cosmetic reasons. It’s done under local. You’re completely awake when I do the surgery. You don’t feel anything. And what I do is, I remove the excess skin off the upper lid. I re-position the eyebrows, if it is needed. I remove the bags from the lower lid and re-position the meat face, the cheek area. That is so important to do that at the same time that the eyelid surgery is performed. Otherwise, it gives an artificial look or it gives a pulled look to the lower lid, which gives a rounded look to the eyes and it screams “I had eyelid surgery.”

All of the surgeries, as I said, are done under local anesthesia in my private surgery center. The patient is completely awake and, when it’s finished, they just get up and walk out. They are not dizzy or groggy because nothing is given in their veins. Sometimes, in the older patients, if the eyelids, upper lids I mean, are droopy enough that it is interfering with their vision, and their driving at night, or with their reading or watching TV, then the insurance company can and might cover the expense of the eyelid surgery.

For more information you can go to my website at drhormozi.com, where you will see the procedures and the before and after pictures. You can also call my office at 410-825-4022 to get more information and a free consultation. I will be glad to go over the full process and allow you to make an informed decision as to what you would like to do. – Dr. Darab Hormozi

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